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Banks, insurance companies, and other businesses and organizations in more than 90 jurisdictions worldwide, can find themselves in possession of money that belongs to another person or company, who has never received or claimed the funds. Perhaps a bank draft or corporate dividend check was not cashed, or the owner of a brokerage account has moved without a forwarding address, or life insurance proceeds were not received by the beneficiaries, or someone forgot about transferring a bank account after a merger or acquisition; all of these circumstances can result in unclaimed, or lost, financial assets.
We Can Claim Your Property For You!

Established in 1988 (in our former name GLOBALAW, P.C), our firm’s decades of gathering intelligence internationally for the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal agencies has made us very familiar with worldwide asset searches.

Currently we have associated ourselves with reputable companies that have invested millions of dollars in building sophisticated computer-assisted search engines to search more than 90 public databases in most English-speaking countries. Now, we can offer you the opportunity to recover your unclaimed property.

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